Our grapes are harvested by hand and pressed in a slow and soft way in order to extract the best juices out of them.

After a first rest for several months in tanks, we test the clear wines to determine the blending operations between the various grape-varieties and various years of harvest.

Then the wine is bottled and will age from 3 to 7 years in our cellars.

The 200 metres of natural and chalk cellars located 30 metres underground favour the conservation and optimum ageing of  350, 000 bottles of Champagne at a constant temperature of 10 -12°C.

The first part of the cellar dates back to 1886, it was extended in the seventies, then we added a second parallel gallery. Today, the fossils embedded in the vault in tufa for 95 million years, watch over the second fermentation and the bottle racks.

After ageing, our bottles are riddled and disgorged to get rid of the deposit and to add a small quantity of home-made liquor.

So the time necessary to produce our Champagnes is quite long (a minimum of 3 to 4 years), the time necessary to produce a great wine.